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Data confidentiality

Privacy protection

All user data is saved and processed in compliance with the respective regulation of the German Data Protection Act (Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) and the Tele Services Data Protection Act (Teledienstdatenschutzgesetz).

You as a user, can at any time demand information disclosure, correction, blocking and deleting of your saved data. Please contact cg@eclareon.com or send your request per mail to eclareon GmbH, Giesebrechtstr. 20, 10629 Berlin.

We will not transfer any of your personal data to a third party, especially not your name, your residential or email adress, without your explicit consent which may be cancelled at any time. Excluded from this are our project partners in the case that they require your personal data for project handling. Should this be the case, only the minimum of data required will be considered.

We apply technical and organisational security measures to protect the data under our supervision from accidental or intended manipulation, loss, damage or unauthorized access.

Transfer of passwords and data

Access and use of the data that can be obtained from this website is restricted to you or your company as a corporate body.

You are not allowed to hand your personal password to third party. Likewise you may not pass on or publish any data requested from the database without written authorisation by eclareon GmbH. The unauthorised transfer of passwords or data to third party can result in prosecution.

User information

This information tool is primarily designed for companies. Nevertheless, also consumers may use the database. This passage is to inform both target groups about the regulations of the German Civil Code (BGB) and the obligation to inform and to produce supporting documents (BGB-InfoV).

I. General Customer Information.

1. Technical steps to conclusion of the contract. The information given on our web page are no legally-binding offer. You will submit an offer by clicking the "order" button on our registration site. We will accept your offer by unlocking the requested information.

The confirmation of order, which you will receive after completion of the registration process, will only inform you about the reception and processing of your order in our system, and does not represent a legally-binding acceptance of your offer.

2. Electronic storage of contract text. We did not include extensive terms and conditions to not drown you in information. The conclusion of contract described under point 1. will only be complemented by the liability limitation which is included in the process of registration. Against this background no contract text will be stored electronically.

3. Correction of type errors. After clicking the “order”-button, your input will be disclosed in a confirmation window. You can correct type errors in this window.

4. Available languages. Contracts for professional and flatrate mode can be concluded in German and English.

II. Consumer information.

This part is especially aimed at consumers. Nevertheless, also companies can apply these regulations apart from their right of withdrawal.

1. Identity of contract partner. Your contract partner for all data you purchase via this web site is: eclareon GmbH Authorized to represent: Christoph Urbschat Contact person: Christian Grundner Web: www.eclareon.com eMail: cg@eclareon.com

2. Basic characteristics of the service. Through this webpage we offer you comprehensive and up-to-date market data on the German PV market. You can generate the data you need by using our interactive selection system to compose it individually. The database is fed by data from Energymap and the EEG installation register.

3. Indication of price. The price is determined for you individually according to the extent of the requested data. The determined price is displayed during the ordering process. The calculated prices include VAT.

4. Right of withdrawal. You can withdraw from the contract within two weeks in written from (e.g. letter, fax, email) without having to give any reasons for doing so, except you have acted exercising you commercial or self-employed business (orders by entrepreneurs). This periods starts at the earliest with the receipt of these instructions. To keep this deadline, it suffices if the withdrawal has been sent in due time. The withdrawal has to be addressed to the eclareon GmbH. The right of withdrawal expires, if the delivery of our services (activation of the data) starts prior to the expiration of the time period of two weeks according to your explicit affirmation or request. In the case of effective exercise of the right of withdrawal, your payments will be refunded.

5.  Complaint. In case our performance is not always to your fullest satisfaction, please adress your complaints to eclareon GmbH.


The data displayed at PV-Register originate from the data from Energymap and the EEG installation register.

Despite the fact that the data was chosen and treated with the outmost care, mistakes cannot be completely eliminated. The usage of the data is, therefore, on one’s own responsibility and without guarantee. The project partners and portal operator are, therefore, not liable for damages that result from the usage of the data which are displayed here.